I did NAZI see that coming

I did NAZI that coming, Indiana! I wonder whether this lot of Aryan "Christians" have printed signs for the windows of stores, restaurants and service providers.

Will they auch noch be providing undesirables with colorful armbands so that we may be easily discriminated without putting undue burdens on them or interfering with their Freedom of Religion, or do we have to provide our own?

Will you be wearing the RF on your arm so we know who the 
Übermensches are who decide what is and is not tolerated in society? I dare you to.

I must admit that I am impressed how they explicitly clarified in the bill that the belief th
ey are acting on need not be central or even part of the religion professed, i.e.: 
  • Them:   "God hates fags. It says so in the Bible. This is why stores must not sell them food or whatever it is the abominations consume to survive, realtors should not show or sell them homes in communities with real human beings, Samaritan helicopters should not take them to hospitals,..."
  • Jesus:   "That's not how it works. That's now how any of this works! It doesn't say that in the Bible. It doesn't say any of that. It says love your neighbor (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) , not shun them and starve them out (Leviticus 19:18). I said it says that loving your neighbor is the only thing you must do (Mark 12:31); that this is what it all about (Matthew 22:40, et passim)."
  • Them:   "How *dare* You [gasp] persecute me for my persecution of others, You hateful, whore-hugging, stone-not-throwing, hippie bigot, You! Oppression, intolerance, bullying, homosexual agenda, the moon landing was fake... My 'religious'  wink emoticon freedom trumps all other freedoms and legal rights."
Got it: no one has the authority to say what your religion requires, but you have the authority to tell others that they are forbidden by your religion and what the Constitution really means.

The Freedom of Religion allows one to profess any religion they choose and apply its principles to ones own lives 
— or not as is often the case. Religious beliefs are protected, not actions taken against others which one attempts to justify by cherry picking excerpts from religious texts (and, FYI, Jesus said it's not justified). When "traditional", religiously justified marriage discrimination preventing interracial miscegenation was struck down, the bigots responded with more creative ways to discriminate. History remembers those bigots for what they are. America must recognize these bigots who are reacting to marriage equality for what they are before we end up on the wrong side of history. Your Religious Freedom begins with how you live your life  and ends with how I live mine. That is freedom; this farce is fascism. It's not a matter of religious belief, simply the Constitution. 

There is no Freedom of Stupidity. Willful ignorance of the law is no excuse. I can't wait until the businesses start getting sued thinking their State law can protect them from complying with Federal law. They will spend years and a small fortune fighting only to lose and then have to pay reparations, just like their NAZI heroes who sacrificed themselves (and millions of others) to ensure their "freedom" over other people.

But, don't #BoycottIndiana; do something! Share and sign the petitions herein:

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