Ever After, an epilogue to my favorite childhood fairytale

My cousins Cary and Jim are off to their dream wedding in Hawai'i. Yes, they are my cousins, but, no, that's not as brow raising as it seems. Or, perhaps it is. Jim has been my family for as long as I remember, but only through marriage with his husband Cary. Their marriage didn't come into existence by a piece of paper. Like all others, its real source was deep love and personal commitment that needs no permission nor recognition. Soon, however, they will be legally wed, and I raise my brows in excitement, and my glass.

Cary and Jim, I wish you a wedding as wonderful, precious and inspiring as the marriage you have enjoyed for decades  despite of course those years *not* showing in your beautiful faces wink emoticon, and certainly despite your love being any worse for wear or lack of someone else's recognition.

Because of your courage to be yourselves  because of your courage to love in a world too full of hate  I grew up in a world full of hope. I knew that there is the divine gift of love for everyone despite what others might say or care to acknowledge. Believe me when I say that it made a difference. A world of difference. I knew I was neither alone nor did I have to be. I knew I am worthy of love.

Because of your loving courage, I now live in a world in which my marriage can now enjoy a legal wedding and have the same legal rights and privileges as everyone else's. Because of you, I live in a world in which your wedding will one day seem as unremarkable as an any other, despite how remarkable it actually is. How many heterosexual marriages have accomplished anything approaching that?!

Okay, granted, the Royal Wedding was like so major, but only in pomp, circumstance and fascinators. So maybe Princess Beatrice will not be sporting that *thing* attacking her forehead at your ceremony  at least, I hope not: flying womb monstrosities are so last season. You don't need any of that. Your marriage is already the stuff that sustains hope and inspires change; your wedding is no longer a fantasy, but a dream come true. Yours is already fairytale that captivates children, just like when, despite some seriously heinous haters and what society deemed appropriate, Prince Charming married Cinderfella.... Well, Disney didn't tell the stories I needed to hear. You did. Your love and your marriage did that.

Your marriage is no more valid for your wedding, and your courage, example and love are no less heroic today than they were when I was young. You, my dear cousins, do not need my blessing, but you have my profound admiration, respect and best wishes. I love you guys! Have fun in Hawai'i!
heart emoticon Corey

PS I got all ferklempt writing you :') Send me tiki-themed handkerchief!

PPS Looks who decided to show up afterall: that *thing*.
And, her hat.

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