Don't be shown up by Californicators, ÜberHoosiers!

Freunds, Fellow Hooßiers and Freidom Fighters:
     A Californicator just upped the ante.
California "Kill the Sodomites" Measure 
Are you really going to let the Left Coast of Sodomy and Gaymorrah show you up? If you think freedom is safe by just refusing service, you are wrong. They will sneak in anyway camouflaging themselves as real human beings who look exactly like your family, fellow church members and neighbors -- geegolly, that's what they are for cry sakes!

Some businesses will still welcome them into our communities anyway. They will punish you for standing up for freedom, by refusing business with our Great State and our Great Race. The Court will rule Indiana's RFRA unconstitutional just as it did with the 1993 Federal RFRA. The legislature will backtrack. We need to stand up for ourselves, Hoosiers!

They're here; they're queer; and they're *already* marrying your boyfriends and your daddy! It is a fact that our Blessed Capital has more gays than Sodom Francisco -- and don't even get me started on the dainty flower of Bloomington, home of our Blessed University, the best in the US and entire world! I went there once -- and God have mercy on me -- I [gasp] learned something! God have mercy on
 us all! I repent and rebuke knowledge and the passage of time in Religion's name! (We did agree to call this "religion", right?)

It's time to restore our great state to what God and our Deist Forefathers intended -- just like Free and Christian Germany needed to be restored.

"Freedom" of "Religion" for once, ℲR for all (real people only)!

To spare myself some hate mail, allow me clarify: I hope everyone directs their comments to the bigots who passed this fascist farce. A list of them is here.

Remember what happened when a "freedom" was "restored" and Christians were "protected" in Germany. I doubt the majority of Germans wanted discrimination, but they were complicit, and in the end, they suffered just as much if not more so than the active perpetrators. Don't be silent! Please share the petition to recall Mike Pence.
But, don't #BoycottIndiana; do something! Share and sign the petitions herein:

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